Why sail off-season in Croatia?

Nava off season

Why sail off-season in Croatia?

Allow us to broaden your horizons, introduce you to off-season sailing in Croatia and show you why it’s such a good idea.

Choosing the best time to visit Croatia for a sailing experience may seem like a tough decision to make, but ultimately, it’s up to your personal preferences. While planning, you want to find the perfect balance between the value and how memorable and exciting your trip will be. Croatia delivers, either way.

When to sail in Croatia

The off-season

The sailing season in Croatia begins with late April or early May and lasts until end of October. Mid-June till September is the peak tourist season with ever increasing number of visitors (and sailors) and highest temperatures.

Reasoning behind this being the most popular time to visit is mostly related to the temperature records and the fact that most of the festivals, parties and other events take place throughout July and August. To put it simply, this is when it’s really hot, quite crowded and when everything is significantly more expensive.

The off -season is generally defined as end of April, May till mid-June and September-October. This is when the downsides become virtually non-existent. You can still find plenty of flights to plan your arrival and departure accordingly, it’s not nearly as crowded and the temperatures are just right.

Number of sunny days in Croatia

The weather

This is a key factor when planning a sailing trip. Nature in May, when spring is still at its full swing, will truly amaze you. This is when the greens are so strongly contrasted by the blues of the sparkling Adriatic sea. September and October are nonetheless beautiful with summer slowly giving out to the early autumn spectrum.

Average temperatures in Croatia

With an average of 112 sunny days per annum, Croatian coast is among the sunniest on the Mediterranean.

There are no weather extremes in Croatia which means that the temperatures do not differ significantly, compared to the peak season months. While some may prefer scorching heatwaves, pleasantly warm temperatures in the off-season are perfect for spending time onboard a luxurious catamaran.


The sea

The sea remains warm enough for swimming, snorkeling and other activities. Even more important is the fact that marine traffic is nowhere near as busy or hectic as it gets during the peak season. This makes the whole experience safer, less stressful and more focused on the relaxation rather than maneuvering through the channels and to the marinas. Croatian indented coast is often praised for its numerous coves, bays and hidden beaches. During the off-season these often remain that way, hidden for you to discover and enjoy – exclusively. As for the marinas, you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ll wait for a berth or that you need to cut your swim short since you need to be in a marina or an anchorage early enough to get that spot. There is always plenty of room, with service at the same or even higher level.

The prices

The only factor that fluctuates significantly throughout the season is the pricing of most of the services. From flights to the mooring costs, expect to pay less.

This includes our Nava charter prices, and let’s not forget discounts and special offers during the off-season. Good deal doesn’t mean that the boats, additional equipment or the overall service aren’t still top notch. It only has to do with lower demand in these months.

Berth prices are on average between 12 and 25% lower in the off-season, depending mainly on the size of the boat and the choice of the marina.

Best time to visit Croatia

The sum-up

  • warm weather with long sunny days
  • no heatwaves or extreme heat
  • sea is still warm, perfect for a refreshing swim
  • no crowds, at sea or on land
  • everything costs less

And finally, and most importantly, all of the amazing restaurants that you’ve heard your friends rave about are already open.


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