Frequently asked questions

What the rent boat price includes?

The bare boat charter price covers a weekly accomoddation onboard with the full inventory quoted on the check list and the bedding.
In most cases towels are not included in the rent price while recreational towels are never included in the rent price.

What are extra expenses?

The quoted prices don't cover the charter fees, marinas and ports expenses and final cleaning, fuel and water tanking. All addidional equipment quoted on the price list is also extra cost, but only you make a choice whether you need this equipment or not (e.g. outboard engine, genaker, spinaker, scuba diving equipment etc.).
The security deposit also is not included in the onboard price.

What is the residence tax?

The residence tax is a compensation for using general tourist services and facilities which are offered to the visitors in a tourist place. The guests who rent a vessel are charged with residence tax by charter-company at the starting port for the entire rent period as well as for all the persons onboard. The persons at the age over 12 are charged 7 kunas /a person /a day while the children at the age under 12 are charge free.

What is the security deposit?

All boats are entirely insured including the insurance against the third parties as regulated by law, except the amount of franchise (approximately 1% of the boat value) which is not covered by insurance. Although all boats are casco insured, the security deposit still has to be settled in cash or by credit cards at the starting marina. That amount is quoted on the price list and is fixed for each boat.
Although the security deposit is refunded after the charter, there might be cases when the damage is larger than the amount of the security deposit. In such cases the charterer holds the whole deposit and the insurance company pays for the damage above that amount.
It is important to know that the client is considered to be responsible for recklessly operating the vessel in case of any damage and the fixed amount of the damage will be taken of deposit, caused by negligance of his own or any other crew member or passenger.
If you decide to hire skipper we must point out that skipper is responsible for the boat and is to be charged for all damage caused by negligance or inadequate operating the boat. Skipper is not responsible for damage caused by client's inadequate operating the boat.

When is the embarkation and landing time?

Taking into consideration that it needs a few hours to prepare a boat between the charters, the official embarkation starts in the late afternoon, exactly on Saturday from 17:00h.
The landings are also on Saturday 8:00h-9:00h, but the check-out procedure can be done even on Friday afternoon, which is always recommended. By all means check with the charter company if you are obligated to return the vessel on Friday afternoon to avoid the unpleasant situations considerating that with delay you risk extra charge of 1 day chareter or even to losing your deposit. If the check-out is on Friday, you can sleep onboard and leave marina on Saturday morning.

Should I have a boat leader licence if I rent a boat without skipper?

Yes! Skipper is to have boat leader licence that corresponds to the boat gross tonnage as regulated by the maritime law. Beside the adequate licence, skipper must possess a valid certificate for operating radio station (VHF). To check if you possess the adequate licence, on the following link you can download the list of valid foreign licences that was published by the Croatian Ministry of sea, transport and communications.

The difference between bare boat and crewed rent?

The bare boat – most of the boats are rented without the professional skipper so you can, with an adequate licence, drive a boat. If you don't have enough experience and want a professional skipper we can provide you one. Take into consideration that the expense for skipper is not included in the rent price and is to be paid afterwards to skipper himself.
Crewed – some boats are rented only with a crew (a hostess, a sailor) who are, in most cases, included in the rent boat price, but the client is still obligated to provide a food for the crew during the time of charter regardless the meals are prepared onboard or client goes to a restaurant.

What is A.P.A.?

Advance Provisioning Allowance or shortly APA represents the obligatory extra costs which are not covered by charter fee. The charter fee includes the costs of a boat and a crew while all extra costs like: fuel, marina fees, food and drink… are extras covered by APA, paid together with the final payment.
APA amounts mostly to 30% of the charter fee. In case the amount of the costs at the end of the journey is less than APA amount, the difference is refunded to the client, while in case that the costs are higher than APA amount, the client is due to pay the difference.

Should I hire a professional skipper?

If you have all the necessary licences and enough experience, there is no need to hire a professional skipper. But, if your boat knowledge is not good enough to be able to operate the boat on your own, you need a professional skipper who will help you with his knowledge and experience to make your vacations as pleasant as possible. Take care that skipper must have his own cabin.

Should I pay food for skipper?

If you decide to hire skipper or hostess, you must take into consideration that the food for skipper and hostess is not included in the boat rent and you have to take care of it regardless you prepare the meals on the boat or go to the restaurant.

Do I need a fishing licence?

Yes! For all kinds of fishing activities you need a fishing licence that is issued by the sports fishing companies along the coast. Even the Adriatic Sea is open for fishing, there are still places where fishing is forbidden (national parks) or limited. If you have decided to take part in the sport activities you certainly have to get a fishing licence which is issued for a period of 1 day, 7 days or a month. To get the licence you need a passport or identity card.

Is it possible to rent a boat for a few days?

Charter boats are always rented for a period from Saturday to Saturday although in the periods of early and late season you can rent a boat for a period less than a week.

Should we take something with us?

Except your personal things, yoou don't need anything else. Boats are equipped with bedding and towels. In some charter companies towels are included in the rent price. The recreational towels are never included in the rent price.
We recommend to take the gum sole shoes in case of possible sliding. In summer don't forget the ligh clothes, sun cream and a hat, and in winter we recommend a sweather or a wind sail jacket.

Where I can get groceries for onboard?

At most marinas and their surroundings you can find shops where you can get all necessary groceries.
If you want that certain quantity of groceries is already on the boat, a charter crew can make a delivery at certaine cost. The usual cost is minimal 20,00Є - 40,00Є depanding on the deliver or approx. about 10% of the account for the groceries.

Where I can get information about weather forecast?

Information about weather forecast you can get on the reception desk of every marina. You can also visit the Internet link: DHMZ where you can find all necessary information about the weather, wind and sea conditions.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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