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Adriatic Lagoon Regatta - the biggest and finest edition so far

The 7th edition of the Adriatic Lagoon Regatta was held from 28 April - 1 May 2018. It started with the gathering of crews in Nava Marina in Split and the regatta continued to Maslinica, Vis and Palmizana in the following days. The overall winner of the regatta was the Lagoon 560 Kotovskyi, owned by Sea Sound and crewed by our friends from the Ukraine.

We broke all records with 22 Lagoon catamarans and almost 200 participants from 12 countries - Slovenia, Germany, the Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Belarus and of course, Croatia. There were so many boats that we had to divide them into 4 groups instead of the usual 3 groups: one group for catamarans larger than 50 ft., one for 9 Lagoons 450 plus the predecessor model 440, one for 3 Lagoons 42 and the smallest group for catamarans under 40 ft. A total of 4 races were held - the first one near Maslinica on Saturday 28th April. The second day was more suitable for swimming and SUPing since there was not enough wind to hold a race. But this meant the weather was perfect for a SUP race. It was held in Vis and the winner was Milica Dakovic. The regatta committee decided to start early on the final day and managed to organize 3 races on the way from Vis to Palmizana.  Here are the official results:


Group   I - Lagoons above 50 ft.


1. Kotovskyi, Lagoon 560 - skipper was Ivan Jurica and crewed by a Ukrainian crew

2. Indian Summer, Lagoon 500 - skippered by Marko Zurunic  and chartered by a Swiss company as part of their team building activity

3. Floramye, Lagoon 52 - skippered by Domagoj Ljubicic and crewed by an all Finish crew

4. Pura Vida, Lagoon 560 S2 - skippered by Ratko Tomic and crewed by a Russian and Belarus crew

5. Mala, Lagoon 570 - skippered by Luka Vrljicak and crewed by a second Swiss crew


Group II - Lagoons 450 & 440   


1. Avala, Lagoon 450 - skippered by Filip Filipetti and crewed by our dear friends the Dakovics

2. Alba Mouse, Lagoon 450 F - skippered by Igor Stropnik and crewed by Mr. Zunkovic and his friends

3. Mustra I, Lagoon 450 - skippered by Toni Koceic and crewed by another Ukrainian crew

4. Metra, Lagoon 450 F - skippered by Igor Gancevic and crewed by a Ukrainian crew

5. Princess Karla, Lagoon 450 F - skippered by Davor Miokovic and crewed by a crew from the Ukraine

6. Sponge Bob, Lagoon 440 - skippered by Deni Cetin and Srdan Ivanisevic

7. Princess Iva, Lagoon 450 F - skippered by Janko Ivanis and crewed by the last Ukrainian crew

8. Celinka, Lagoon 450 S - skippered by Lukasz Podniesinski and crewed by a Croatian and Polish crew

9. Lu Lu, Lagoon 450 - skippered by Sergey Gubenko and crewed by a German and Russian crew

10. Smile I, Lagoon 450 F - skippered by Marijo Kotoras and crewed by a Czech crew

Group III - Lagoons 42  

1. Mala Kate - skippered by Alen Jekesic and powered by OTP Leasing and Splitska banka, they also equipped the boat with the most powerful sound system

2. Leggiero - skippered by Rino Smajo and Jernej Jakopin and crewed by our dear friends from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia

3. Ginger - skippered by Igor Mihajlov and the MCI crew


Group IV - Lagoons under 40 ft.                             

1. Simba, Lagoon 400 - skippered by Igor Gazin and his friends

2. Babulica, Lagoon 400 S2 - skippered by our very own Dario Marijan and crewed by Yachts magazine

3. Nax, Lagoon 39 - skippered by Mario Hrvoj and crewed by the owner, Mr. Kordic, and his friends

4. Mini, Lagoon 380 - skippered by our Sales Manager, Sergije Plavsa and crewed by his family and friends

Luckily, the sea and the wind had calmed down by the end of the day so we could safely anchor the 22 cats plus the regatta racing committee boats in Vinogradisce bay. The participants then had enough time to explore the island of St. Clement swimming, SUP-ing or walking and still get in time for the dinner and awards ceremony at Toto's.

After the award's ceremony a lottery was held with a total of 19 prizes provided by our sponsors and partners.

All in all, it was a very successful regatta and look out for a more detailed report, video and more photos soon.

We would like to thank our sponsors, partners, and of course all the participants and we hope to see all of you next year for the 8th edition of the regatta.

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