Adriatic Lagoon Regatta 2015
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This fourth edition was quite special (as they always are). For instance, last year's edition had some pretty awsome weather condition and brought 3 races.

Nautika centar Nava and Yachts magazine assisted Yacht club Lagoon in the logistics, sponsoring, human resourseces and know-how by giving this year's edition an extra French twist and including the regatta in the program of Rendez-vous, Festival of France in Croatia. This festival will feature over 150 events in 22 Croatian towns from May to September. It brought our Adriatic Lagoon Regatta 2015 Vivien Durand, a Michelin star chef from Le prince Noir in Lormont who prepared some wonderful courses in the exquisite restaurant of the Martinis Marchi hotel on the 1st of May – foccaccia, sea bass carpaccio, salad with tuna, sweetbread and strawberries with vanilla ice-cream. Although the Martinis Marchi terrace might not have been the warmest choice, excellent wines, some hotel blankets and the gentle voice of Ana Opacak accompanied by a guitar kept the invitees nice and cosy.

This first day started with fine and sunny weather but unfortunately not much wind. So it might have seamed to an untrained eye that 13 catamarans were sitting ducks on a lake and that nothing would make them move. Eventually, the wind rose and the race ended with tactic maneuvers and skippers were able to show off some of their skills.

On May, 2nd the regatta had much better sailing weather conditions and the race was much more exciting, especially in the beginning. It turned out to be a real Lagoon Escapade and Mala, a Lagoon 570, took the lead from Ipanema, Lagoon 440, after the first 30 minutes and remained in this position for the rest of the race. Palmizana welcomed the regatta participants in heavenly and sunny weather and Toto's made the perfect venue for the awards winning ceremony and lottery event. Excellent food (carpaccio, shrimps, mussels, rafiolli filled with fish and so on) and fine wine (since nobody complained about headaches in the morning, only lack of sleep, it must have been superb wine) maintaned the atmosphere until the dancing and partying started.

On Sunday, May, 3rd it was time to visit the renowned city of Hvar. Beyoncé and prince Harry hadn't dropped in just yet so there was just enough place for our 13 katamarans to „park“ in the port of Hvar. Gariful brunch was very nutritious and was enough time to take a nice stroll (the on-duty photographers and some others couldn't resist climbing up to Fortica and immortalize the beatiful sight – Lagoon flags, white Lagoon hulls and the blueness of the sea and the sky and just one glimpse of the 2726 hours of sun that shine there every year).

This year's official results are published under the news section. Preparations for the Adriatic Lagoon Regatta 2016 have already started so don't forget to book your place in the perfect event to start the season.



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